Tai Chi – Meditation in Motion

Tai chi is a Chinese martial art which is a practice that combines body and mind. It is often called “meditation in motion,” and has been known to have value in the treatment of health problems as well as acting to prevent them. To start the practice of tai chi, you need not be in good physical shape or even in the best of health.

Most of the exercise in tai chi is low impact and conducted in slow motion. While you make these slow movements, you breathe naturally and deeply, while remaining completely focused on the sensations of the body. This is a form of meditation. Movements are circular and are never forced, so that the muscles are always relaxed and never tense, with the joints never extended fully or bent. It can be easily adapted for any person, and even if you are recovering from surgery or confined to a wheelchair. It is a gentle form of exercise that can help in the maintaining of flexibility, strength, and balance, and can easily become an activity that you can continue with as long as you live.

As per Chinese philosophy and the concepts of tai chi, Qi is a force of energy that flows through all parts of the body, and the practice of tai chi unblocks this energy so that there is proper flow of Qi. The universe has two opposing elements, yin, and yang, that must be kept in harmony, and tai chi can help to ensure this.

Tai chi exercises start with warm up just like most exercise regimes do, and these are relatively easy motions like circling the shoulders, turning the head from one side to the other, or even rocking back and forth to help the muscles and joints to loosen, while you focus on your body and breathing. Tai chi forms can be short forms that include less than a dozen movements, while long forms can include hundreds of such movements. For older people or those who are not in a good physical condition, a start must be made with the short forms of this exercise regime. Breathwork or energy work, called Qigong which is gentle breathing can be combined with the movements. This form of breathing helps in the mobilization of the body’s energy and relaxes the mind. You can practice this even when you are lying down and not only when you are standing or sitting down.

Tai chi can help to overcome functional limitations or prevent any pain or illness becoming chronic. It is safe and does not require you to have any fancy equipment. While joining a class allows you to get expert guidance, you can always start on your own by gaining access to videos that are easily available on the internet. You need to dress comfortably in clothes that do not restrict your movement and wear shoes or footwear that you are comfortable in. They need not be running shoes, but just footwear that helps you to maintain balance easily. Get our full review of tai cheng workouts.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi?

Tai chi has long been lauded for its health benefits. In fact, it’s frequently recommended by doctors and other experts. Why do so many people have great things to say about tai chi? These are just a few of its many benefits.

Tai Chi Is A Safe Way To Get Exercise

Exercise is essential to your health. Unfortunately, as people grow older, it becomes more difficult for them to get the exercise that they need. It’s easy for people to hurt themselves during a workout. Exercise can be especially challenging for people that have issues with their joints.

If you want to make sure you get an ample amount of exercise, but you also want to avoid any unneeded risks, tai chi is one of the best options available. It’s frequently recommended to senior citizens and people that are recovering from injury.

It Improves Flexibility

When people are more flexible, it’s easy for them to maintain their balance, which means they are less likely to fall. Tai chi can improve your range of motion, and it can increase your flexibility as well. Even a few weeks of tai chi can have a noticeable impact.

Falls might not seem like a serious threat now, but they can put people at risk. It’s not unusual for people to be badly hurt during a fall, especially if they are older and their bones are more brittle. Improving your flexibility through tai chi could increase your quality of life.

It Reduces Stress

While most people don’t enjoy stress, there are a lot of people that don’t realize how unhealthy stress can be. When you’re stressed, your body produces something called cortisol. This can increase your risk for a heart attack. High levels of stress can cause many other health problems as well.

If you’re concerned about your stress levels, and you are looking for a way to manage them more effectively, it’s possible that tai chi is what you are looking for. It can help you to find calm even when you are feeling overwhelmed.

It Promotes Weight Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight can do a lot to reduce your risk of developing dangerous diseases, like diabetes or heart disease. If you’re looking for a way to shed pounds, you’ll want to avoid crash diets. Healthy weight loss is key if you want to keep the extra weight off.

Tai chi is very good for your body, and it can help you to lose weight. A number of studies have found that tai chi can aid in weight loss. More importantly, people that lose weight in this way are far more likely to keep the extra weight off for good.

It’s clear that there are a lot of health benefits associated with tai chi. If you’re not practicing tai chi, then you’re missing out on all of these benefits and more. A lot of people find tai chi to be both relaxing and rewarding. Give it a try and see what you think of it.